Mindful Weight loss Workshop - 21st April 10.30 am  - 12.30pm upstairs at the Bridewell Museum, Wymondham, Norfolk

No diets - no calorie counting - you can  lose weight using the power of your mind. Learn techniques to scramble old unhealthy eating habits - create new responses to cravings.

Mindfulness allows us to become present and clears the mind to enable us to make positive choices by being 'in the moment' and clearly observing habits which we want to change.

We will also use neuro linguistic programming and creative visualisation to help you to easily change old habits

in a simple and stress-free way

We can harness the power of the mind to help us to achieve a healthy body and to sustain it without having to to be on the cycle of dieting, food restriction and the stress this creates.

If you haven't practiced mindfulness before, thats fine, its all easy!

Cost £10 including notes & refreshments.

Prior booking only, please download and fill in the booking form and email it back to me (it may appear right at the bottom of the page!

Please contact me if you would like to have a chat prior to booking

monbayles@gmail.com 07519 298218

Some people have been unable to download the booking form, if you have problems with it please email or call me and I can email one directly to you

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