Advanced Hypnotherapy & NLP

Esoteric Healing

Crystal Healing

Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage


All therapy is tailored to individual need at each session  and is completely confidential. You may feel you would like to have a 'one off'' energy field re-balance or need to undertake a few one to one sessions to uncover and release some old beliefs and patterns which are restricting your life in order to enable you to move forward.

Maybe you have an ongoing fear, anxiety or addiction which you no longer wish to have in your life. Some of the issues commonly presenting are Fears and Phobias, Past unresolved trauma, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Low mood, Anxiety, Stress, Tension. Physical manifestations, Infertility, Spiritual disconnection etc.,

The self is the real healer, in order to enable that self to access the tools needed I can help you to align your energy field and to quieten the conscious chattering mind which causes us so many problems in our busy lives.  The  person is guided to gain an understanding of the cause of the problems  or issues in the outer life, often hidden deeply within the self,  which can  then be released quietly and easily without the need for trauma.

Unless you request  a particular therapy such as hypnotherapy to promote rapid behavior change or reflexology to help with a physical issue, I can suggest a technique or a combination of techniques once we have completed a consultation and you are happy with the outcome.

1 Hour (approx) sessions for all therapies - £25

1/2 Hour (massage only) - £15