crystal & flower essences  - handmade soap

K I N D A essences are made with the vibration of crystals and flowers.

'Calm & Collected' has been formulated especially for animals and targets over stimulation, emotional insecurity, fear, distress etc. It can be particularly useful for animals who have moved home, suffered bereavement and loss of companions, human or otherwise or suffer from remembered past trauma which maymanifest as irrational fear. 

Available in 50ml brushed aluminium spray - ideal for horses              

The spray bottle can be re-used  for home Meade natural  fly spray (or something else!) when empty  -  see recipe below

 Horses - 1. Spray from behind poll along top line to tail 

                 2. Spray onto a cloth and wipe over the topline and body.

                 3. spray into aura or into stable area (2 short sprays should suffice)

Dogs and other animals 20ml glass dropper bottle - add to water dish/bowl (can also be added to horses' water if preferable

Essence/vibration of nebula, smoky quartz, amethyst, rose quartz & borage flowers preserved in cider vinegar

Do not spray near sensitive areas. 

Price 50mls  Spray bottle £12.50

          20mls dropper          £5.00

Shipping                               £3.95

contact me for multiple shipping costs as above cost is per single item.