Crystal Therapy.

The stable steady structure of crystals can hold our energy fields in a stable state whilst the healing energy of the self, not normally accessed,  can pour into the system - think of quartz clocks which are steady and stable!

The therapist connects with the persons' energy field and dowses or intuits which crystals will be most useful for the person at that time. The selected crystals are placed on the persons chakras, which are energy vortices, linked with the health and well being of their associated physical organs and systems. The persons subtle energy field is also affected by the application of crystals. A full analysis of any blocks or over sensitised areas is carried out and the system, chakras,  and subtle bodies are re-balanced, negative energy is neutralised. The therapist intuits any information which may be of relevance for the person to work with, as healing is a process which must involve the active participation of the person as well as the therapist. We all have the ability to contribute to our own healing process. The therapist being present to facilitate this happening.

A crystal therapy session is also a wonderfully relaxing experience, a time to re connect with the inner self and to release the stress and tension of everyday life.

Crystal therapy is great to assist with relaxation and de-stressing, many physical issues, emotional situations, and spiritual blocks  can be improved within the peaceful space of a crystal session.

The attention of the person is turned away from focus of the outer material world to that of the world within the self, helping one to access ones own often hidden, gifts, talents and to step away from the limitations of the third dimensional material world of limiting beliefs.

To arrange to book a crystal therapy session or a course of sessions please see the contacts page for my details.