About Monique

I began training as a therapist about 19 years ago, following becoming interested in what was then known very much as 'alternative therapy' I have professional qualifications in light touch reflexology, therapeutic massage, crystal and esoteric healing, and advanced hypnotherapy and NLP.

I have worked with private clients on a one to one basis for many years as well delivering workshops in the health service for vulnerable groups in improving self esteem and reducing anxiety.

I am a fully trained stop smoking advisor and can offer support to help quitters master the psychology to stay quit!

Much of my work is helping people overcome issues such as OCD in its many forms, depression and anxiety, fears, phobias, improving performance, speech giving, driving tests, riding issues, birth worries, and much more. My clients often find chatting about issues very helpful and allows them to to have control over how the therapy proceeds, as we are able to pinpoint important issues which need to be resolved

I work from my therapy room at home near Attleborough, Norfolk                                                          

As well as my deep interest and study relating to therapy and psychology, I also like to create art, and have added a page  showing  afew of my creations. More images are available on my instagram account @moniquebaylesdesign